My Eating + Exercise

This is one example of a day’s worth of food.

Breakfast: 100 calorie English muffin with low fat margarine and low fat jelly on it. Green tea. Strawberries or banana or whatever fruit I have around. 

Snack: Apple or some other kind of fruit.

Lunch: Pasta (doesn’t matter what kind) with low fat margarine and parmesan cheese. 

Dinner: Salad with low fat ranch dressing. Plain chicken breast that I cook on the stove. 

If I have extra calories at the end of the day (about once every 4 days) I will have dessert. One of my options is skinny cow ice cream (which is super low-calorie, try them!).

I exercise 3-4 times a week usually for about an hour each time. I always do elliptical for about 25 minutes. Then I will either do 15 minutes of bike and 15 minutes of treadmill, or I will bike for 15 minutes and then do some weight machines. I burn about 400 calories if I do all cardio or about 350 + strength training when I choose to use the weight machines.